Easy lake paddle 1.4km across 8.8km long

Located in the peaceful hinterland between Maleny and Monteville, with high green hills all around, this is a scenic and protected place for a paddle. Note: can get choppy on a windy day. At 1.4km across Barron offers a short paddle and with the many tributaries feeding in, there are some good 3-4 hour paddles to be had. Be aware there are some small off limit areas and GATE CLOSE times are 6am to 5.30pm in winter, 5.30am to 6.30pm in summer. Check with SEQ Water to see if the dam is open.
There are 2 main access points with parking, bbqs and amenities – Southern side from Maleny – drive to the end of Barron Pocket Rd and from the Northern side from Monteville – drive to the end of Narrows Road.
Consider safety first on any paddling adventure!
Check weather conditions http://www.bom.gov.au/qld/
Consider everyone’s ability and choose the most appropriate location for the day
Be Sun Safe!
Take insect repellent
Always take plenty of water
Always let someone know where you are going
PFDs (paddle vests) are recommended