Red Paddle 10’8 Ride Inflatable Paddle Board Package – 2021 MODEL



For an inflatable paddle board that offers super stability and performance, look no further than our 10’8″ Ride. With all the same qualities as our other Ride boards, you’ll appreciate the extra stability that comes from its increased volume, especially if you are a slightly larger rider or have a passenger on board.
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Parts included :

    • Highly engineered and adjustable ergonomic support for your shoulders and back
    • Fully customisable to your height ensures that the bag will take care of your body under load
    • Exterior compression straps to make bag more comfortable and compact
    • Interior paddle blade pocket and velcro securing system for paddle pieces
    • Lockable zippers with rubber pull tabs
    • Bagless carry system - pump and straps can easily be taken on the water removing risk of leaving equipment

Introducing a complete redesign of our bestselling inflatable SUP backpack. Highly engineered adjustable ergonomic support means that the ATB Bag now offers exceptional levels of support for your shoulders and back.

Exterior straps mean that the bag can be compressed making it more comfortable and a pleasure to carry. It's now easier to pack away your paddle with an interior paddle blade pocket and a velcro securing system so your paddle is safe and secure while on the move. A large outer zip pocket means any essentials can be packed securely away and easily accessible.

Our revolutionary bag-less carry system has been designed with all paddleboarders in mind. For the adventurers, you can now go further and access more remote waterways without the need of a heavy bulky bag. Perfect for families, it's now easier, quicker and more convenient to pack up your kit after a long day at the beach.

    • Twin chamber technology easily cuts time and effort needed to inflate your board
    • Pumps air out at 60 mph to ensure quick and powerful inflation
    • Isolation cap allows switch to single pump when inflating to a high PSI reducing effort
    • Designed for disassembly for easy maintenance and simple replacement of parts
    • Pressure gauge on top shows an accurate reading of PSI whilst inflating
    • Multi-use across different inflatables such as airbeds, boats and kites

The Titan 2 Pump is the world's first purpose-built, double chamber SUP pump. It's designed to cut the amount of time and effort it takes to inflate your board by half. Constant innovation has led to us testing the absolute boundaries of inflation technology and as such, we're confident that there's nothing quite like the Titan II pump on the market.

The Dual Cylinder system, combined with the Hi Flo handle means you are in complete control of the energy used to inflate your board. It puts the volume into your board faster and reduces the effort required to reach a higher pressure.

    • Designed for no excess drag on flat water for paddlers and racers in water sport activities
    • Use with different leash points, coil leash is supplied with a length of rope for traditional leash points or back of board leash points

Ideal length 7mm dual cord coiled leash and pivot points to reduce twist and leash from touching the water

    • Easy to use simply attach to ankle every time your out on water, made from durable neoprene
    • Featuring quick release loop for unsafe situations and integrated key pouch on neoprene cuff

This has been designed for flat water paddlers and racers who want to make sure they are not getting any excess drag from their leash being in the water.

The leash features a interchangeable ankle or calf cuff with a quick release loop and integrated key pouch. It has a 7mm dual cord coiled leash which prevents the leash from dragging in the water plus dual pivot points to reduce twist. The leash is supplied with a length of rope so you can use with tradition leash points or can attach directly to our leash points which you can find at the back of any Red Paddle Co board.


The Hybrid Adjustable SUP Paddle is a dynamic, highly responsive paddle that utilises a carbon weave for greater strength whilst keeping the paddle lightweight and super fast. Utilising a hybrid glass fibre and carbon laminate to deliver dynamic flex in the shaft.

The Hybrid Adjustable SUP Paddle is available in blue and purple, so you can match your paddle to your board.

New for 2022 – Bungee Connection System, designed to keep blade and mid section tethered together for convenience and easy set up. It’s straightforward to use, makes our three piece paddles even easier to assemble and is removable.

New for 2022 - Interference Fit Hardware, All paddles are now composed of non-glued components meaning every piece of your paddle is both

 replaceable and recyclable.

  • FINS

All boards in the Ride range are now integrated with two super durable, flexible iFins, making the boards straighter and faster to paddle than a three fin set-up. The iFins also provide increased agility and performance in the surf and make the board easier to pack down into its bag. No need for tools, spares or replacements, the iFins can take a beating and are super easy to reshape if they get bent.

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BOARD LENGTH         10'6″ 10'6″ 10'8″ 9'8"
BOARD THICKNESS        4.7" / 120mm 4.7" / 120mm 4.7" / 120mm 3.93" / 100mm
BOARD VOLUME        245 Litres 245 Litres 270 Litres 186 Litres
BOARD WEIGHT       11.1kg / 21.89lb 11.1kg / 21.89lb 11.3kg / 23.1lb 9.70kg / 21.38lb
BOARD WIDTH         32" / 813mm 32" / 813mm 34" / 864mm 31" / 787mm
BAG SIZE        980mm (h) x 380mm (w) x 360mm (d) 980mm (h) x 380mm (w) x 360mm (d) 980mm (h) x 380mm (w) x 360mm (d) 980mm (h) x 380mm (w) x 360mm (d)
BAG VOLUME        134 litres 134 litres 134 litres 134 Litres
FINS        Moulded Twin iFin System Moulded Twin iFin System Moulded Twin iFin System Moulded Twin iFin
PADDLE OPTIONS        Hybrid Tough, Prime Hybrid Tough, Prime Hybrid Tough, Prime Hybrid Tough, Prime



Paddle Board Essentials :

Storage options :

Apparel, clothing and changing :

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