Mudjimba Island – paddle around, discover and snorkel

This is a trip well worth doing but certainly more for those with some experience. Best to plan around a weather pattern of little to no surf if your planning to land on the island. The Island itself can be landed on easy enough when there is little swell by a small inlet on the Northern end of the island. Its very rocky so plastic kayaks and either foam or inflatable paddle boards are preferred to avoid damage. Once inside the inlet simply drag the paddle craft onto the island and explore, you will need footwear as there are a lot of cactus and dried coral.

Take a snorkel and mask as the life underwater in close to the island is amazing including many many many turtles that reside around the island. A great place for the kids to discover the world of snorkelling with tropical fish right on our doorstep. The rock pools and sheltered inlet holds enough activity without the need to explore further if the kids are not confident yet. Some great cafes await you after the adventures are complete.

“The island is the subject of at least two Aboriginal legends. One involved two women making a home on the island, where there were midyim berry bushes. When only one of the women could be seen on the island, it became known as Old Woman Island. The same legend concerned the midyim berry bush – hence ‘midyam’ becoming altered to ‘Mudjimba’. A second legend interpreted the island as being the head knocked off the top of a warrior, Coolum, which is represented as the flat-topped Mount Coolum about six km northwards.” Taken from

Key things to note

  • Trolley is a must as the walk from carpark to beach is a good one through soft sand
  • Take footwear if your landing on the island