One of the special gems we have on our doorstep is Rainbow Beach and Double Island Point. Just a short drive from Noosa this place is a kayak and Stand up paddle paradise and the guys at Epic Adventures tours share this place with locals & tourist year-round. Kayaking with humpback whales, eagle rays, dolphins, turtles. Owner Tyron Van Santen shares some amazing feedback on the quality of the Viking Kayaks he’s has been using on his tours for years.
“I just wanted to share some pretty unique kayak trips we are lucky enough to be having up here recently in Noosa and Rainbow Beach in Queensland Australia with our Viking kayaks. Ocean conditions have been pretty close to perfect and it’s a real privilege to be able to grab the kayaks and explore the Marine Park and all it has to offer with local and visiting guests from all over the world.
Kayaking alongside plenty of local and migrating marine life is pretty special and a real special moment when we can see Bottlenose dolphins, Humpback whales, sea turtles and manta rays out in the wilderness. The cooler waters this time of year (19 degrees) seems to be a highly active time for dolphins and whales and for anyone who kayaks up this way would agree the unique 4×4 trip along the beach to Double Island Point gives the place a real sense of remoteness.
Mostly we use the Viking 2+1 Double kayaks as they are super buoyant and stable and highly durable. Perfect for all ability levels on the ocean in flat or more choppy conditions and you have the option to carry a small child in the middle. It’s great that they also handle well as a single and its always a challenge on who can ride the longest wave on Double Island’s super long point break. These kayaks are in the Queensland sun and salt every day and have lasted many years so we are really happy with the Viking Kayak brand,  well-done team!”