Cotton tree in Maroochydore offers a huge variety of options for Kayaks and Paddleboards and often has some of the clearest water on the Sunshine Coast. Park the car at or near Cotton Tree swimming pool or caravan park you can then choose from a few adventures.

Explore Goat Island & Channel Island – Directly opposite Cotton tree beach are 2 sand islands full of life in the mangroves, Goat Island & Channel Island. At high tide, you can paddle inside the maze of mangroves getting up close to birdlife, stingrays and more. At only a little more than ankle deep (just enough for a shallow paddle stroke), this area is protected from other noisy watercraft so can be a peaceful adventure in the heart of busy Maroochydore.  Fun for young and old is to paddle over to the sand bars where you will be amazed at the swarms of soldier crabs scurrying to get away from you (watch the toes and fingers).


Explore the Sunshine Plaza –  From the same launch spot paddle under the 2 bridges that lead to the Sunshine Plaza and end up right in the middle of the shopping mall. A fun thing to do in there is paddle under the mall itself and feed the many fish hanging around waiting for scraps to fall over the sides of the walkways.

Catch a wave – Cotton tree is a great place to launch and paddle towards the river mouth and seek a wave. This spot offers waves for the beginner to advanced paddler so a great place to learn to surf on a Standup paddle board or even in the kayak. The tip here if your learning is to go on the incoming tide just to be safe and always with a friend.

Important points to note about the area if you’re planning a trip for the first time

  • Very tidal, being so close to the river mouth the current can flow very fast at certain parts of the tide so be aware of the tides when you plan your trip.
  • Get there early or take a trolley with you as there are lots of activities for people to enjoy in the area including the pool, cafes, playgrounds and more so parking can fill up fast

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